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"The New Standard in Drainage"

SMART DRAIN™ is a revolutionary new drainage material that has finally solved the biggest problem in drainage, clogging! Many other systems have claimed to solve clogging, but only SMART DRAIN™ has achieved this definitively. SMART DRAIN™ is a belt of extruded PVC that is constructed with tiny micro siphons that literally pull water from the ground. These micro siphons are specially constructed to utilize the capillary and siphoning properties inherent water in a high performance drainage material. Unlike ordinary perforated pipe and filter fabrics, it doesn’t clog over time.

"Smart Drain Does Not Clog, Period!"

Not only does SMART DRAIN™ not clog, the capillary and siphoning properties provide active drainage What is "active drainage" you might ask? Active drainage is when water is drained faster than what the normal permeability of the soil and gravity would allow for. In saturated conditions SMART DRAIN™ starts to work, literally sucking water into its micro channels. Next, the siphoning action provides additional performance by forming long columns of water that, by their own weight, are pulled into a collection system. Moreover, once the soil is de-saturated, SMART DRAIN™ leaves just enough moisture behind to ensure optimum conditions for turf and plant growth. No more brown spots over your drainage system!

"No other drainage product is as effective without mechanical help."

SMART DRAIN™ can work in any soil type!! It is also very easy to work with. Browse through the site and see a few of the many installations of SMART DRAIN™ . Notice both the lack of heavy machinery and the clean water coming from the outlets. SMART DRAIN™ , patented around the world, is truly a new standard in drainage!

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